Rules are based on the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) Rules and Regulations. Please refer to it for a complete list of all rules. This document summarizes the CBHA Rules and Regulations.

  • Any persons, spectator, player or team representative, who threatens, pushes, strikes or verbally abuses the league conveners, staff or game officials including timekeepers during their course of administering the functions of the league, will be automatically expelled from the league.


  • Only coaches registered are allowed on the player’s bench. A maximum of four (4) coaches are allowed.
  • All games consist of 2x15 minute stop time periods. There will be no overtime in regular season play. In the playoffs, overtime will be 1x5 minute stop time sudden death period. If still tied, a three (3) shootout will take place. If the score remains tied, the game will go into sudden death penalty shots.
  • The red line will be used for icing.
  • The floating blue line rule is in effect.
  • Each team shall be permitted one 30 second timeout per period.
  • The game clock will be running time when there is a five (5) goal difference or more in the 2nd period of the game. The game clock shall return to stop time whenever there is there is less than a five (5) goal difference.
  • The final score will always reflect a maximum five goal spread for tiebreaker purposes regardless of the actual score. If Team A defeats Team B 7-1, the final score will be recorded as a 6-1 result.


  • Contacting the ball above the height of the shoulders will result in a two (2) minute penalty.
  • If a player loses their helmet during play he must pick it up and put it back on before rejoining the play otherwise it will result in a two (2) minute penalty.
  • All stick penalties are two (2) minute minor penalties.
  • Any player receiving three (3) penalties of any kind in one game will be ejected from the game.
  • A hit from behind penalty, regardless if it is a minor or major penalty results in an automatic game ejection.


  • All such incidents will be reviewed by league officials and can incur ejection from the league.


  • The group will be broken into four (4) teams and they will rotate through four (4) different drill stations for a period of approximately ten (10) minutes each. The remainder of the program will consist of two (2) games played simultaneously width wise in each half of the rink.
  • The 2-3 minute shift horn will be used.
  • Slap shots are NOT allowed.
  • Penalties will NOT be applied, a warning shall be issued.
  • There will NOT be any rules or any stoppage of play. The referee shall tell the goalie to play the ball or the referee shall toss the ball into the corner to keep play on.
  • The only stoppage of plays that will take place are at the 2-3 minute shift horn or after a goal is scored where the teams will face-off in the middle of their half floor surface.


  • Slap shots are NOT allowed and result in play being stopped immediately by the referee and the ensuing face-off shall take place as determined by the rule.


  • Slap shots are allowed.